Best eBible

Best eBible for Series 60 1.03

This application could be useful for people who are interested in Bible and want it to be their pocket book. Featuring a range of views and options, Best eBible is a great companion to take with you everywhere you go, on your Series 60 mobile phone.

The Bible View is the main view where you can read the Bible. You can use the following commands to work with the Bible's text:

  • Contents - you can quickly choose a chapter by opening a window with contents
  • Line up/down
  • Page up/down
  • Go to top/bottom
  • Next/Prev book
  • Next/Prev chapter
  • Next/Prev verse

eBible allows text search with the help of the following commands:

  • Find (Hot key: C)
  • Find Next (Hot key: (Abc)Pen+C)

You don't need to turn the pages of your favorite book to read it, just switch on the auto scroll mode and enjoy reading!

  • Auto scroll On/Off (Hot key: 0)
  • Increase scroll speed (Same as "Line down")
  • Decrease scroll speed (Same as "Line up")

To mark interesting or important places in the book you can use the following Bookmark menu commands:

  • Add bookmark

Best eBible


Best eBible for Series 60 1.03

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